Do I need to have a local or a general anaesthetic?

Most cases can be performed under a local anaesthetic. However, nail procedures can be performed under a local anaesthetic, under sedation or a general anaesthetic. At the Melbourne Ingrown Toenail Centre, practitioners will discuss the best treatment plan with you.

Can patients with diabetes undergo ingrown toenail procedure?

Yes. However, patients with diabetes may be at higher risk for developing infection and wound healing complications. A thorough assessment is performed prior to any procedure, to assess whether the patient is eligible to undergo digital or ingrowntoenailsurgery. Dr Simon Smith has extensive experience working with high risk foot (diabetes) patients.

Will I be in pain after the procedure?

There is generally minimal pain associated with ingrowntoenailprocedures. Practitioners will discuss and provide for appropriate pain relief strategies and medication to help patients manage post procedure discomfort. Local anaesthesia is used as part of the surgical management of ingrown toenails. Therefore, the respective toe will be numb for a period of time following the procedure.

Can I go back to work after the nail procedure?

It is recommended that patients return home and rest for the remainder of the day following typical ingrown toenail procedures. More invasive toe or nail procedures may require a short period of time off work.

Will I be able to walk straight away after the surgery, or do I require crutches?

Yes. Patients can walk immediately after toenail or toe procedures.

Can I drive home after the procedure?

For your safety, it is recommended that patients are accompanied by a family member or friend to drive the patient home following any digital or toenail procedure.

Is the entire nail removed?

No, in most cases of ingrown toenail procedures, only a small edge or portion of the nail will be removed. This allows for quicker healing and better cosmetic outcome post-surgery. In cases where bone spurs or growths are present, the may need temporary or permanent removal.

Is there a Medicare rebate for my MITC consultation?

Medicare will only provide rebates for patients with an eligible enhanced primary care (EPC) plan.

What is an enhanced primary care (EPC) plan?

The EPC program is a Medicare initiative that provides patients who have a chronic medical condition (e.g. diabetes) with up to 5 podiatry consultations per year. Patients are only eligible to receive an EPC from their General practitioner who deems whether they are appropriate candidates for the EPC initiative. MITC accepts patients with EPC plan. MITC does not bulk bill for patients with an EPC, however, the medicare rebate will be deducted from their consultation fee or toenail procedure.

Will my private health insurance cover my consultation and ingrown toenail procedure?

If you have extras that include podiatry, you may be eligible for private health insurance rebates associated with your episode of care. Staff of the Melbourne Ingrown Toenail Centre are available to discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.

I have an ingrown toenail and require a procedure. Will the procedure be performed in hospital or at the clinic?

Most ingrown toenail procedures are performed in our rooms under local anaesthesia.

I need an ingrown toenail procedure, but I haven't seen a MITC practitioner before, can I book the procedure in without an initial consultation?

A pre-operative assessment is required prior to undergoing any ingrown toenail procedure. Our practitioners need to ascertain a number of key factors before undertaking any procedrues. Some of those factors include: a full medical, surgical & pharmacological history; assessment of the ingrown toenail and determine whether a procedure is required; determine what procedure is to be performed and most importantly outline to the patient the pre and post procedure protocol.

I live a long distance away from any MITC location and I require an ingrown toenail assessment and likely require a procedure; can this all be done on the same day?

As outlined in the question & answer above, a pre-operative assessment is always required prior to a procedure. However, our MITC practitioners treat patients from all over Victoria and we understand that having multiple appointments far from home can make things difficult. In these instances, when patients are traveling long distances to one of our MITC clinics, we often arrange to have a consultation followed by a procedure on the same day. However, this is not always certain and is often dependent on our practitioners’ availability. Please be sure to discuss this with our friendly administration staff.